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A very common question that I get on a regular basis is how long does a home inspection take? typically we would say that a home inspection would take anywhere from an hour and a half to three hours. Depending on the home size it could take even longer. 

So, what determines how long the inspection does take? The biggest thing is the condition in which the home currently is and how long it takes to investigate each item that presents itself. Take for example a new construction home, the inspector can move through the home in a quicker fashion since there are no obstructions such as furniture and other personal belongings. Whereas an older home that is occupied the inspector must work around the items that are present at the time of the inspection. Lastly, in an older home there tend to find more items that need investigating which takes more time to properly document.

When do I need to be present for the inspection? We like to tell customers to come to the inspection so that we can properly educate them on the issues that have been documented. You are more than welcome to come for the entire inspection however we do prefer that you should come for the last 30 minutes so that as we wrap everything up, we can go over the report.