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A common question I get asked, is what do I get from you as an inspector? Which makes sense because you are spending hundreds of dollars on a service. You should know why and what you’re getting.

Why Get an Inspection?

First, when you work with us at Dwella Inspections you’re getting a trained eye with over a decade of experience in both construction and lending. What does it mean to be a trained eye? While you’re looking at the different rooms, the layout, the colors, and the functionality of if the home fits your needs. I’m looking at all the systems in the home. Is the foundation good? How are the windows? Does the furnace work? Are there any potential hidden damages that are showing in other areas?

A couple of things to remember when getting a home inspection. An inspection is only a visual observation of the home. We can’t see through walls or behind something that’s hidden. Also, we are paid to tell you what’s wrong with the home not what’s right. So, while there may be 10 things wrong there are probably 1000 things right. 

What Do I Get from the Inspection?

Lastly, after the inspection, you will get a quick summary while on site. Then within a day or so you can expect to receive a full inspection report with photos and videos. Most importantly is that after the inspection is done, I’m still here for you. If you have more questions or need something explained in more detail, I’m just a phone call or text away.