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Can I Fail a Home Inspection?

By June 21st, 2022Blog

An interesting question that we get occasionally, is can I fail a home inspection? Well to answer this question, you can’t fail a home inspection. However, there may be some critical items that show up in the inspection that could determine whether you choose to move forward with the transaction.

What does this mean? Once the inspection is complete, we will review the report with both you and your agent. At that time if there are any items that are considered safety hazards or major fixes, we walk through each of those in depth and determine what that might look like to fix. From there the inspector takes a step back and lets you the buyer and the agents discuss how they wish to proceed with the transaction.

Sometimes when we look at these items, there are ways that they can be fixed however there are other times which it makes sense to discontinue the transaction. This is a very important decision to make and something not to take lightly. The best thing to do as the buyer is to gather all the information from both the inspector and the agent and make a fact-based decision. At the end of the day remember that this is why you’ve hired professionals such as the inspector and the agent to help you through the transaction